25-years lease enables project kick-off

It’s been a long quest, requiring a big deal of negociations, compromises and public support. At last in November 2014, a 25-years lease was granted to CCR, qualified as a win-win by the Council. Indeed, we can now start to plan ahead!

After the super-busy summer season, a meeting will be organised with interested parties to determine an action plan. Watch this space!


Agreement in principle

Council Camps Revitalised Ltd has been granted a 3-year lease of the campgrounds. Operators Rudi and Aggi are motivated to manage and upgrade the campgrounds to save resources and minimize the facilities impacts. They are also willing to work collaboratively with education organisations. A think tank has been created and met to discuss opportunities and pathways.

It’s a long road but we are on the way!

Innovative concept for campgrounds

The QLDC is seeking Expressions of Interest from potential campground operators, in a view to “reduce operational costs”. Proposing to integrate a campground, a campus and a community enterprise centre for the best use of space and facilities and to benefit from synergies, the Yellow Blue park concept is a solution to this financial requirement.

Campus advantage

Not only Otago Polytech has proposed to be anchor tenants insuring an ongoing income, but the value of collaborating with students is great, as these works accomplished by Otago Polytech design students demonstrate. Besides, studies have shown that students bring significant income and jobs to regions.

The local choice


Choosing local skills, local materials and local business is not just to please your friends, it has a huge “Local Multiplier Effect”. This graphs shows how $10,000 will generate $23,616 if spent locally, $6,500 if spent in a NZ enterprise and only $2,500 if spent internationally, in just 2 years and 4 months.

Sustainability premium


By following these principles for all designs and actions, the project ensures to be sustainable, environmentally, socially and financially.  Bob Willard has calculated that the savings from a sustainable design can increase profit by at least 38%.

Campground review

QLDC campground review recommendations include :”Reduced operational costs to those currently incurred at the four main holiday parks (Queenstown, Wanaka, Arrowtown, and Glendhu Bay), and, if viable, a commercial arrangement for private provision of camping facilities at these sites.” See the full article here.

It’s what Yellow Blue Park proposal offers!

  • Reduced operational costs by proper design
  • Public/private partnership for long term financial sustainability

Let’s discuss it tomorrow night Tuesday 12th March 8pm, Upper Clutha Rugby clubroom, McDougall Street, Wanaka.

Public meeting


Join Otago Polytechnic graduate design students to consider the best future use of this resource.

All stakeholders and public invited.

Where: Upper Clutha Rugby clubroom, McDougall Street, Wanaka

When: 8pm Tuesday 12th March

You’re invited!

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Governance options

The project needs a governance that :

  1. enables varied entities (public, educational, community and private) to operate under the same principles toward a common vision.
  2. enable this place to become a generator of genuine wealth for Wanaka and the wider region.

The choices include but are not limited to social enterprise, trust, cooperative, industrial and provident society… It will depend on the place and people involved and will be the object of the first step of the project


I have explored the following online structures